Our Product is Service.

We are not your traditional health insurance broker. Our team of seasoned health insurance professionals endeavors to save you substantial premium dollars with the implementation of our proprietary strategic approach.  We use the health insurance carriers rating methodologies  against them and to our client's benefit.  We reach beyond the insurance companies and the rates with a sophisticated approach that literally takes premium dollars from the insurance carriers and puts them into the pocket of our customers.  We are not shy about taking tax dollars from the government either. We will help you to leverage the tax codes to the full benefit of your firm and its employees.

Where do you want to go?


Direction and guidance are critical. Beyond the insurance carrier and the rates, you need a strategy.  Most importantly, there must be an intended destination and a prudent plan.


Where are you at?

Can you afford the Affordable Care Act?

Should I self-insure?

Is your company ACA compliant?

Cobra requirements -- in compliance?

What is modified self insurance?

Privacy issues -- HIPAA violations?




Our Services

We'll help you get there.


This is where we excel. Expertise in defining your goals, customizing benefits and providing service and administration that will  exceed your expectations.


Dedicated Account Management | Administrative Support for Compliance Issues | Protection from Potential HIPAA Violations | COBRA Administration |         Health Savings Accounts (HSA) | Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) | Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) | Customized Reimbursement Arrangements | Executive Benefit Plans | Premium Reimbursement Arrangements| Consolidated Billing  |ACH/Direct Deposit | Process Enrollments, Terminations & Changes